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Cybersecurity Reinvented

Challenges and New Strategies

Explore the new dimensions of cyber security! Discover threat trends, strategies using artificial intelligence, cloud security, IoT and the role of humans. Strengthen your organisation’s security with insights from experts on topics such as:

“The new face of cyber threats”
“Challenges of migrating to Cloud Solutions”
“Cyber defence strategies using AI and machine learning”
“Internet of Things (IoT) as a new field of risk”
“People as the first line of defence”

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Maksym Nowak


Maksym specialises in public cloud security and data and application security. He is co-author of cloud controls under the aegis of the Cloud Security Alliance. Professionally, he is involved in security implementations. He was involved in security in the financial industry for 8 years.


Title: Zero Trust – what it is, how to implement it and how we separate the wheat from the chaff


Language: Polish

Keywords: #ZeroTrust

Anna Krakowiak


Her day-to-day work involves handling cyber-security incidents and helping to remediate their consequences. She has advised private and public entities, including organisations at government and federal level, helping to set direction in relation to the prevention and handling of ransomware incidents.


Title: Lessons learned from ransomware threat actors and serious incident handling over the past five years


Language: Polish

Keywords: #cyber security #ransomware #software #incidents

Adam Grodecki

CX CTO of Nokia in Poland

Adam P. Grodecki has more than 24 years of experience in the ICT market and has worked for operators such as Charter Communications (USA), Orange Poland (R&D) and Orange France (R&D), Al Jeel Al Jadeed (Libya), Orange Armenia, Orange Jordan and suppliers such as Hawlett-Packard, Huawei and Alcatel-Lucent.

At Nokia, since 2015, he has been responsible for setting new strategic directions for technologies offered in Poland and the region with a particular focus on innovative solutions for new projects based on products, solutions and services, positively influencing the perception and awareness of the Nokia brand and solutions.

Piotr Wróbel

Innovation Officer and EcoSystem Manager Nokia

Piotr started his career in telecommunications in 2006 joining Siemens having 3 years industry background. He spent his last 16 years working in the Product Structure Management, changing roles and positions from Basic Data Manager through Line Management and ending up as Digitalization and Transformation Leader. That gave him an opportunity to get to know how Nokia products are structured to be offered and sold to our customers and how Nokia’s ecosystem of tools and processes is supporting end to end process of products development until delivery and revenue recognition. Participation in many projects including SAP S/4 deployment at Nokia, gave him a chance to work with many teams and levels of expertise. Responsibility on BG level for some of those, let him develop better business view on requirements specification, tracking and results presentation. He is focused on continuous improvements according to Kaizen methodology and working hard on development of his own skills both soft and hard.

That might be the implication of active engagement into Scouts community (ZHA) – Piotr is a Club Director in Wroclaw, Program coordinator in Polish Union and Trans European Division and recently started Instructor Course: PLA (Pathfinder Leadership Award). Privately, having 3 kids, he is (yet still) convinced that homeschooling makes the difference. Teaching and inspiring youth (scouts and own children) is giving him the joy and a feeling of being capable to shape the future.

His perception of Innovations and ECOsystem Manager position at Nokia, he is holding nowadays, is fully aligned with that direction. “Through innovations we are working on future of telecommunications and not only connecting people but machines as well. And all of that is happening in Nokia Wroclaw and starts with people either having vision or enough of inefficiency.” – Piotr said. He would like to encourage everyone in TC Wroclaw to look around and question any inefficiency (if) observed. Piotr can support innovators in changing their vision into project that can be implemented in Nokia Wroclaw and beyond – Nokia worldwide or outside of Nokia organization e.g. city of Wroclaw. The future is in our hands.


Title: Private secure 5G networks for enterprises and local governments


Language: Polish

Keywords: #cyber-security #5G #entrepreneurs #security

Wojciech Wodo

Wrocław University of Science and Technology

He is an assistant professor at the Department of Computer Science and Telecommunications at Wroclaw University of Technology, former head of R&D at PayEye sp. z .o.o., and board advisor for biometrics and cyber security at Identt sp. z .o.o.. He earned a PhD in the computer science discipline in computer security. Dr. Wodo specializes in cyber security, particularly in digital banking, electronic identity and biometrics. Mr. Wodo has worked with the Polish Bank Association and the Warsaw Banking Institute on industry reports on digital identity and banking security. He also graduated from the Top 500 Innovators program at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. Dr. Wodo is the co-author of a monograph entitled “Analysis of the digital identity ecosystem in Poland, its level of implementation and scenarios for the use of ID cards with an electronic layer,” published in 2023.


Title: User perception and applications of biometric systems in the areas of payments, banking and digital identity


Language: Polish

Keywords: #financial sector #finance #banking #digital identity #biometric systems #cyber security #modern technologies #perspectives

Thomas Locher


Thomas Locher is a Senior DevOps Consultant, spending his professional career in a major global bank. He thrives in helping Development Teams in producing high-class code. His mission is to enable free developers to concentrate on the issue, not the piping. As such, he has worked extensively on integrating regulatory requirements into the flow of DevSecOps, bringing together two very different worlds: the creative and fast-moving world of DevOps with the needs of regulators – detailed, highly accurate, and timely documentation. In his free time, you can either find him on the lake fishing or renovating his 300-year-old house!


Title: Incremental security controls in DevSecOps


Language: English

Keywords: #DevSecOps incremental flow structure #control #integration #quality #cost #Framework #DevSecOps practice #process #requirements #regulations

Szymon Ziółkowski


Szymon is a seasoned professional serving as the Cloud & DevOps Practice Lead in Poland. In this role, he is entrusted with the crucial responsibility of cultivating and enhancing organizational competence and capabilities in the realm of Cloud and DevOps. With a keen focus on business development, Szymon excels in acquiring new customers, forging strategic partnerships, and pioneering the creation of innovative service offerings.

A dedicated leader, Szymon is at the forefront of technological advancements, consistently leading technological radars to identify and leverage upcoming technologies. His proactive approach ensures that the organization stays ahead in a rapidly evolving landscape. Currently, Szymon is strategically evaluating the utilization of GenAI to enhance services and solutions, showcasing his commitment to driving cutting-edge advancements in the industry.

With a wealth of experience and a passion for staying at the forefront of technology, Szymon is a driving force behind the success and growth of the organization’s Cloud and DevOps initiatives in Poland.

Łukasz Niedźwiedzki


Technology and leadership enthusiast with 15 years’ experience in IT I focus on growing organizations based on meritocracy where talent can thrive, business grow and technology is the base I push forward scaling the DevOps Practice model! Supporting amazing leaders (technological, business and people) and focusing on the next great thing is my day-to-day.

In the past, he has managed Security & Infrastructure programmes for a global banking institution, helping to implement new security tools and risk models, as well as building banks from scratch and improving current ones. For the past 2 years building a DevOps Practice in SoftServe which has been recognized by several awards and presented on conferences in Poland (IT Manager of Tomorrow 2023) and US (DevOps Enterprise Summit 2023).

Personally a DadOps of 3, beginner sailor and traveller.


Title: Generative artificial intelligence as a productivity enhancement initiative for DevSecOps


Language: Polish

Keywords: #DevSecOp #AI #cyber security #productivity #development #future

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