Thematic paths

Plenary Session

In plenary sessions we will discover the future of CyberSecurity in the world. We will learn how Poland can meet the upcoming challenges in this field. We will answer the question whether quantum computers will revolutionize data security? And what are the best practices in building effective cyber-attacks? Join us for a plenary session to participate in engaging discussions about SOCs and understand what it means to be a cyber-security leader in your organization.

Sectoral challenges

What we can learn from each other

Learn about and compare different approaches to managing cyber security in the OT sector, Industry 4.0, public sector and banks. Discover what you can learn from regulated and unregulated markets. Explore funding opportunities for your cyber security strategy. Learn about the changing regulatory landscape and industry requirements and the best strategies for the future.

for cyber security

Building resilient organisations

Gain and enhance your knowledge and participate in debates on:

  1. Cyber security policies
  2. Frameworks and good practices for building a security ecosystem in an organisation
  3. Competency models, certifications and career paths
  4. Regulations, those current and those planned for implementation in the coming years
  5. Effective safety management strategies
  6. The various aspects of security – from human and organisational to technical and IT
  7. Incident handling procedures

Cybersecurity Reinvented

Challenges and New Strategies

Explore the new dimensions of cyber security! Discover threat trends, strategies using artificial intelligence, cloud security, IoT and the role of humans. Strengthen your organisation’s security with insights from experts on topics such as:

“The new face of cyber threats”
“Challenges of migrating to Cloud Solutions”
“Cyber defence strategies using AI and machine learning”
“Internet of Things (IoT) as a new field of risk”
“People as the first line of defence”

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Cyber Wars

Dimensions of global security

Discover the secrets of cyber War! Learn about advanced techniques and tools used in cyber-attacks, strategies of states in the cyber space and effective defence strategies. Learn about the international and ethical aspects of cyber warfare and the importance of education and training in combating threats.

Technical path

As part of the specialist lectures, the presenters will show simulations, attack scenarios. Due to the high level of sophistication, participation in the path is recommended for professionals with a strong understanding of IT technologies.

Laboratory workshops

In 2 laboratories equipped with the latest CISCO networking equipment and based on CDeX scenarios, participants will face various attack scenarios using the latest software and technology. The scenarios will be carried out by experts from CDeX and the Wrocław University of Science and Technology.

Congress Wrocław

28-29 November 2023