Thematic path

Technical path

As part of the specialist lectures, the presenters will show simulations, attack scenarios. Due to the high level of sophistication, participation in the path is recommended for professionals with a strong understanding of IT technologies.

Thematic path speakers

Łukasz Cepok


I have been involved in the financial industry from admin to security since 2011. Currently an analyst at CSIRT KNF and Nethone, where he performs tasks related to Cyber Threat Intelligence and Fraud Intelligence.
Hobbyistically and professionally I have the “pleasure” to deal with the analysis of mobile malware and follow the adventures of their authors.


Title: Evolution or revolution of mobile Trojans using the example of one author’s “products”

Technical Path

Language: Polish

Keywords: #threats #mobile #cyber security
#malware #similarities #differences #implementation of functionality #bytecode #code #cybercriminals #threats #tools

Artur Kręgiel

White Hats PWr | Wrocław University of Science and Technology


Title: Controlling the network from Scapa

Technical Path

Language: Polish

Keywords: #Scaps #networking packages #library #Python #networking movement #fence #cyber security

Michał Olszewski

Solution Architect at Omnilogy

For over 12 years, he has been involved in optimising IT systems, improving their reliability, availability and security. Based on experience in major national and international projects, he advises on the creation of observability and application security strategies based on the best market standards and solutions, including automation and the use of AI in digital transformation processes.


Title: Application Security in Observability – Last mile defence

Technical Path

Language: Polish

Keywords: #Dynatrace #cybersecurity #observability #AppSec #RASP

Paweł Maziarz

CEO Alphasec | Member of the Programme Board

Ireneusz Tarnowski

Cyberincident Coordinator, DFIR & CTI Expert, GCFA, CISSP, BTL1 Orange Polska | Member of the Programme Board

Paul has been gaining experience as a security systems expert and architect for the past 20+ years, first as a network and Unix/Linux systems administrator, then as a software developer, and later as a pentester and IT security architect. During the past few years, he has conducted advanced simulations of Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attacks, created publicly unavailable software to simulate complex malware, helping to improve the cyber security of companies around the world (including Poland, Switzerland, Ireland, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Latvia, Romania). He also specializes in socio-technical attacks and physical security (proximity cards, access control systems, etc.). Top rated speaker at important industry conferences (Confidence, What The H@ck, Techrisk) and at the forefront of many others (including Semafor, PLNOG, BSides Warsaw). He taught at the Wroclaw University of Technology on the course ,,System security”, now you can meet him on classes reazlized at the Leon Kozminski Academy. He was one of the key figures developing the red-team department at one of the Big Four companies and one of the co-founders of Immunity Systems. Currently, he is the founder of Alphasec and creator of original training courses known under the APT Masterclass brand.

Cyber Threat Analyst with long experience and great imagination. He has been involved in tactical and operational Cyber Threat Intelligence for many years. Analyzing cyber threats and cyber attack tactics and techniques, he assesses the offensive capabilities of criminal groups, the potential impact on the organization and develops plans to respond to emerging attacks. A leader in the area of cyber incident management, where, having been an incident coordinator for many years, he has ensured that incidents are conducted according to the highest standards, often being involved in the analysis of the most difficult incidents at the technical level. He connects the dots into big pictures and develops Cyber Threat Intelligence activities, showing how to share the knowledge gained.


Title: PowerShell – more red or blue?

Technical Path

Language: Polish

Keywords: #cyber security #PowerShell

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