Thematic path

Laboratory workshops

In 2 laboratories equipped with the latest CISCO networking equipment and based on CDeX scenarios, participants will face various attack scenarios using the latest software and technology. The scenarios will be carried out by experts from CDeX and the Wrocław University of Science and Technology.

The simulation provides an unforgettable experience, allowing participants to face realistic hacking attack scenarios. Players will face a variety of threats that reflect authentic attack cases.

The game scenario includes an attempt to take over users’ identities and an exponential increase in the number of accounts, reflecting the pressures experienced by cyber security experts. An important element is identity attacks, which are a key cyber security threat. Players will need to defend the system against identity theft attempts and data attacks.

It is worth noting that the game does not clash in time with the thematic tracks of the conference, is open to every participant and participation is free of charge as part of the congress. It will take place in small groups, which will form dozens of teams together, providing an interactive atmosphere and the opportunity to exchange experiences. The entire event takes place in the unique interior of the Wrocław University of Technology Library building, which adds to the game’s unique atmosphere.

Innovative platform

CDeX is a technology company offering advanced cyber security solutions. We have created an innovative cyber training ground, offering a fully scalable, automated and hyper-realistic training environment. The platform allows you to build cyber defence competencies and gain skills in a live cyber attack environment. We support four main sectors: national defence and military, critical infrastructure, business and corporations, and education.

Our mission is to make the world a safer place by supporting organisations to hire and develop the best cyber security professionals.

As part of the conference, participants will be able to come to the laboratory and use a scenario of their choice. It is possible to test each of the scenarios by coming on individual thematic tracks. So there is no assignment of a scenario to individual time slots on the agenda.

Simulation modules

Capture the Flag Delta: Forensics

Capture the Flag Delta: Forensics is one of the scenarios available on the CDeX platform (Cyber Defence eXercise Platform). It allows you to acquire and reinforce practical skills in identifying sources of vulnerabilities.

The objective of the training is to find flags, hidden in files, applications and other system components. The participant will be able to use the tools available on the machines selected for hacking attacks.

In this scenario, the tasks focus on computer forensics issues on Windows systems. A table in the user guide provides rebuses to guide the search for particular flags.

Active Directory Attacks

The Active Directory Attacks (SWADA) scenario is designed to familiarise the trainee with the most common attacks on the Active Directory service. The trainee’s task is to identify and remove threats by introducing safeguards to prevent attacks (hardening). At the same time, the availability of services provided by machines located in the SkyNET network must be maintained. This version of the SWADA scenario is based on the 2016 version of the domain functional level. However, most of the issues presented here are also applicable to other (also newer) versions of the functional level.

The SWADA scenario consists of six Windows machines – four workstations and two servers. Both servers act as an Active Directory domain controller. The configuration contains 4 Confidential CDeX SWADA 2019 security vulnerabilities that the trainer should locate and eliminate.

Creating VPN tunnels on Cisco network devices.

Join this fascinating simulation to expand your knowledge of cyber security and gain hands-on experience in combating real-world cyber threats.

Congress Wrocław

28-29 November 2023