CyberTrust 2023

Cybersecurity Congress

The only cyber conference that is organized by the University and brings together public institutions, science and business

28-29 November 2023

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As part of the congress, participants will be able to gain 12 CPE Hours (CPE Hours)
Details are in ISACA’s continuous improvement policy [pdf]

Honorary Patronage

Honorary Patronage of the Marshal of the Lower Silesian Voivodship

Cezary Przybylski

Honorary Patronage of the Mayor of the City of Wrocław

Jacek Sutryk

Honorary Patronage of the Head of the Council of the Western Chamber of Commerce – Employers and Entrepreneurs

Marek Pasztetnik


Honorary Patronage of the Rector of Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

Prof. Arkadiusz Wójs

General Sponsor

EY Global Delivery Services (GDS) is part of the global EY organisation. It is a continuously growing network of business service centres that provides innovative and customised service to EY member firms.

EY GDS significantly contributes to the high quality of EY’s services by combining the skills of highly qualified professionals and the ability to use state-of-the-art technology. EY GDS has offices in ten countries, including Argentina, China, Poland, Hungary, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Spain, India and the UK. It works with teams across all EY service lines, geographies and sectors to build a better functioning world, helping the EY organisation and its clients operate flexibly and efficiently.

Strategic Sponsors

SoftServe is more than just technology and ideas – we are the place where talented and ambitious people can develop their passion! We operate at the cutting edge of technology, exploring, transforming, accelerating, and optimizing the way large enterprises and software companies do business. We specialize in software development and consultancy in the field of Big Data, IoT, Cloud, DevOps, e-commerce, IT security and experience design.

Omnilogy ensures the security, performance and reliability of IT systems.

We help clients build, test and continuously improve the integrity of the
technological and operational integrity of their organisations.

We operate in the areas of cybersecurity, monitoring, observability, testing, auditing – creating and implementing strategies, delivering and implementing market-leading solutions in the area of DevSecOps and SRE (Site Reliability Engineering).

We specialise in building observability for hybrid environments combining the legacy world with the private and public cloud world. We detect anomalies based on logs, traces, metrics and Kubernetes events. We analyse these using artificial intelligence to automatically improve the efficiency and availability of applications and infrastructure.

Omnilogy represents suppliers of advanced products in the area of
observability and security such as Dynatrace, Snyk (security management in the ecosystem of DevOps) and Keysight (network security management).

Supporting Partner

Mediarecovery is a leader in computer forensics in Poland. A trustworthy and discreet partner, an expert with many years of experience.

We have been developing computer forensics in Poland for less than 20 years. We help our clients solve even the most complex cases, win against crime and fraud and get to the truth. Thanks to extensive business partnerships, we provide tools from the largest manufacturers of modern IT forensics technologies and ensure their proper implementation. We constantly improve our own competences, observe trends and share our knowledge with our clients.

We also offer a range of services, including incident response, computer forensics services, industry training and a service to design and build specialised laboratories. We approach our work with passion. In our business relationships, we focus on expertise and discretion so that our clients feel safe in working with us.

Patron of the Congress

Substantive Patronage

Community Patronage

The Confederation of Leviathan is a business organization. Through its activities, companies influence the shape of the law, engage in dialogue with the administration and receive tools for business development. It represents its members in Poland and the EU. It has a permanent representation in Brussels and is a member of BusinessEurope, Europe’s largest business organization. It is a member of the international organization Business at OECD. It brings together some 4,100 companies employing more than one million people.

Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency (ARAW) is a non-profit company established in 2006 by the city of Wroclaw and surrounding communes. The mission of ARAW is to promote the region, support its economic development and attract foreign investments. The Invest in Wroclaw team is a group of experienced professionals within ARAW structures who cooperate with business entities delivering top quality services and investment facilitation.

SoDA (Software Development Association Poland) is an association of Polish technology companies, active since 2018. It currently brings together more than 200 companies with Polish and foreign capital, operating across the country and employing more than 55,000 people.
By conducting research and analysis, as well as organising training, webinars and networking meetings, it develops cooperation and knowledge exchange between member companies and promotes Poland as a leading global market in the field of software development and IT services.

White Hats is a research circle that has been active since 2018, in which we jointly learn about aspects of cyber security, significantly beyond the curriculum. Not only do we want to spread the word about how to be safe online, but we are also jointly gaining specific skills that are desirable on the IT security career field.

Media Patronage

Student Media Patronage

Meet the Congress Programme Board

Thematic paths

Sectoral challenges

What we can learn from each other

An ecosystem for cyber security

Building resilient organisations

Cybesecurity Reinvented

Challenges and New Strategies

Cyber Wars

Dimensions of global security


Laboratory workshops


Panel discussions
& Plenary lectures


Thematic paths

Strategy game - Cyber Fortress

Join us for a fascinating strategy game on cyber security that will take place during our Congress.

During the simulation, participants will face a variety of attacks in an attempt to defend the country’s infrastructure from attacks by a military organisation. The starting point will be an attempt to take over users’ identities, and players will have to confront an exponentially growing number of accounts and hacking attacks. This is a real challenge, as the game scenarios are based on authentic attacks that have brought real threats.

Join us and develop your cyber security skills!

Congress Locations

Congress Centre
of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology

Call for Papers!

If you are passionate about cyber security and want to share your knowledge and experience, now is the time!

Submit your abstract and become part of our expert speaker line-up. Together, we can shape the future of cyber security. Don’t miss this opportunity – submit your topic now!


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CyberTrust Congress